W. French Ave Sidewalk Project Workshop

The City of Orange City is hosting a public workshop to discuss the preliminary design plans of the West French Avenue sidewalk project. Construction proposes 5,503 linear feet of sidewalk 5’ in width between Valentine Park and Carpenter Avenue and approximately 1,500 feet of 5’ bike lane on the north side of West French Avenue.

The workshop will be held on April 27, 2017 in the City Council Chambers at 201 East Graves Avenue, Orange City, Florida, starting at 6:00 … Read More.

Focus on Orange City with AM 1230/1490 Radio Program

The City of Orange City is participating with AM 1230/1490 for a series of “Focus” broadcasts, the first episode aired on Tuesday 3/29/2016 and includes Police Chief Peter Thomas and Fire Chief Ronnie Long as the guest speakers.

Recorded Episodes:
Click here for Episode 4 (1/31/2017) – (MP3)
Click here for Episode 3 (11/29/2016) – (MP3)
Click here for Episode 2 (8/30/2016) – (MP3)
Click here for Episode 1 (3/29/2016) – (MP3)